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Poultry industry makes irrevocable and giant leap to early feeding

February 09, 2017

IPPE Atlanta 2017 

Hatching with feed and water turns out to be decisive game changer, also in the USA 

In the last week of January, the international poultry business gathered at the IPPE 2017 in Atlanta. During their Breakfast Meeting, HatchTech, a leading player in the field of early feeding, informed more than 150 professionals about the current state of affairs, in particular the rapid rise of early feeding.

In just a few years, early feeding has become a major theme in the poultry industry. There are two reasons for this: first, the highly increased worldwide pressure from consumers and social organisations to improve animal welfare, and, second, the ongoing quest for superior chick quality. Thanks to early feeding, broilers are ready for slaughter a few days earlier, mortality rates are significantly lower, the need for antibiotics is reduced, and return on investment increases. In Europe, Canada, and now also in the US, early feeding has become a decisive game changer.

With HatchCare – a hatcher with light, feed and water – HatchTech continues to impress. This was also the case at IPPE 2017 in Atlanta. HatchCare’s early-feeding concept has a global impact. IPPE visitors quickly understood that, for the entire poultry sector, early feeding is the next step – a giant leap forward towards a more socially acceptable vision of keeping animals in a respectful and humane way, meeting both consumers’ demands and economic requirements.

Joost ter Heerdt, who spoke at IPPE, made it clear to his audience that ‘early feeding’ is a conceptual approach. It’s not the same as ‘feeding early’. “Early feeding doesn’t mean throwing some food out for newly hatched chicks,” he explained. “Early feeding is a customised concept. The chicks hatch in a well-lit and optimally conditioned environment, and then immediately have specially formulated feed at their disposal, as well as running water. This is important, because chicks drink up to six times more than they eat!”

Early feeding significantly increases ROI, so investing in HatchCare also makes sense economically. With yields increasing by up to 15%, you can earn back your investment within two years!
Those who attended IPPE 2017 in Atlanta or joined HatchTech’s Breakfast Meeting confirm that early feeding is rapidly disrupting the poultry industry in a very positive way, benefiting all stakeholders, not least the animals.


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