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A game-changing info exchange during the breakfast meeting

June 09, 2017

Dr.Henk Enting, Poultry Technology director at Cargill Animal Nutrition, started the morning by explaining that, among other positive effects, a higher final body weight can be achieved with direct access to feed for day-old chicks.  

The influence of early drinking was presented by Joost Ter Heerdt, Commercial Director of HatchTech. He presented the outcome of research on the importance of water supplies for day-old chicks in the hatcher.  

Dr. Peter Ferket, nutritionist at North Carolina State University and Prof. Simon Shane, nutritionist and veterinarian, gave their unrefined opinion on these topics and related results. 

Last, but definitely not least, Doug Kaizer, CFO of Synergy Agri Group explained that after one year of using HatchCare, the Hatcher with Light, Feed and Water, his chickens showed a 4% decrease in the FCR and an 11% increase in bodyweight and there were more surprising results. ‘HatchCare has taken total management from barn to chicken to a higher level’ he said. 

The following video shows the highlights of the breakfast meeting where several speakers explained the importance of feed and water supplies for day-old chicks.  

If you are interested, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at HatchTech.


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