Reserve your spot for our IPPE Breakfast Meeting

For the past four years, HatchTech has held an annual breakfast meeting at the IPPE in Atlanta.
Last year’s meeting had an excellent turnout, with more than 200 professionals taking part from across the poultry industry. On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, we invite you to breakfast with us again.

Presenting at the meeting will be:

  • Tjitze Meter - Founder and CEO of HatchTech.

    Tjitze Meter changed the game with the first HatchTech incubator and made early feeding a new standard. His drive to reject standard solutions and find a better way of doing things remains key to the HatchTech approach today. At this year’s VIV Europe, he got recognized for his vision and impact in the global poultry industry with the ‘Breeder Personality’ award. 

    Mr. Meter will be discussing the importance of optimal conditions during chick transport, and how HatchTraveller helps poultry companies to achieve this goal.

  • Jim Shepard - Senior Director of Live Operations Wayne Farms LLC 

    Jim Shepard directs all aspect of live production at Wayne Farms, including management of over 1.300 contract breeder, broiler and pullet farms, and oversight of the company's hatcheries, feed mill operations, nutritional, veterinary and live transportation services for 11 production facilities in six states. On any given day, Mr. Shepard's responsibilityes span 62 million chickens in various stages of production across the southeastern US. 

    Mr. Shepard will be talking about the growing role of modern hatchery solutions in driving chick welfare and health.

  • Dr. Simon Shane - Independent veterinary professional
    Owner of the widely and well established chick-news.com website and adjunct professor at the Department of Poultry Science, North Carolina State University.

    He’ll be describing his recent visit to the Trillium Hatchery in Canada, where he collected production data from the company’s HatchCare units for comparison with the previous hatcher. He’s looking forward to sharing the results with you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

07.30 – 08.30

Omni Hotel, CNN Center – adjacent to the exhibition center

Early feeding and drinking will be arranged for you at the meeting.
There are only limited places available, so sign up soon to guarantee your spot!

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