New HatchCare hatchery in the USA

August 27, 2017

On Saturday afternoon, Scott Sechler (Chairman and President of Bell & Evans) and Tjitze Meter (CEO and President of HatchTech Group) visited Bell & Evans’ brand new HatchCare hatchery facility in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania. The reason for the visit was a particularly enjoyable one, as the first chickens started to hatch in the new hatchery equipped with HatchCare – the hatcher with feed and water.

“The actual delivery to our farms won’t be until Monday,” says Scott Sechler. “From the moment the chicks get out of their eggs until they arrive at the farm, they will enjoy the best possible conditions, with organic feed, water and light. Traditionally, chicks that hatch on a Saturday would not have access to feed and water until they arrive at the farm on the following Monday, some 30 to 36 hours later. For our birds, our people, and our customers, the concept of continuous access to organic feed, water and light in the hatcher is a major step forward in poultry animal welfare.  We’re proud to have the first Organic Animal Welfare Focused Chicken Hatchery in the world and HatchTech helped us to achieve that goal.”

During the Saturday afternoon visit, the visionary founder and CEO of HatchTech, Tjitze Meter, walked through the 160,000-square-foot hatchery facility with a feeling of great pride and happiness. “This hatchery shows what we as a company stand for: innovative hatchery equipment designed and built with a full focus on the very best conditions for the eggs and the chicks,” he says. “I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together with Bell & Evans. The combination of HatchCare, the animal-friendly hatchery automation and the excellent farming skills of Bell & Evans truly make this project stand out from the rest. This hatchery will bring stronger and more vital day-old chicks to the farm. It’s a perfect match with the company philosophy of Mr. Sechler and his company to raise chickens in a humane way, without using antibiotics.”

On Monday, Bell & Evans will transport the newly hatched chicks to the farms using a HatchTraveller. This chick transport vehicle has been designed specifically for the transport of HatchCare chicks. In traditional chick transport, there is no source of energy available to the chicks. But in the new chick transport system that Bell & Evans will be using, there is. By offering feed and light during transport, the chicks will spare their residual yolk for post-hatch development. In other words: by transporting the HatchCare chicks with the HatchTraveller, Bell & Evans is able to maintain the advantages of the healthy chicks that hatched in their beautiful new hatchery.

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