Joost ter Heerdt speaks about HatchCare at Pennsylvania Poultry Conference

September 07, 2017

HatchCare, the hatcher with Feed, Light and Water has already led to some astonishing results. On September 13, as part of the Broiler Program at the Pennsylvania Poultry Conference, Joost ter Heerdt, Commercial Director at HatchTech, will present field performances from North American projects that are using HatchCare.

In his presentation “Hatchery effects on chick quality”, Joost will show the positive impact of early feeding on day-old chicks. By providing feed, water and light, HatchCare fulfills chicks’ basic life needs, which significantly improves field performance.

The two-day annual Poultry Conference in Pennsylvania (September 12-13) attracts professionals from all over the industry.
You can find more information about the conference here

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