“Everybody is keen to see it happen; the sooner the better”. Trillium hatchery opens in October 2018

October 05, 2017

Construction work on the new Trillium hatchery is in full swing. The foundations have been laid and the pillars are about to be placed. The HatchTech logistics department is fully engaged in shipping containers to Canada; all progressing very well. The first day-old HatchCare chicks will hatch in October next year.  

Dave Brock and Murray Booy (co-founders) initiated Trillium Hatchery Inc., a consortium of Ontario farmers, with the goal of providing chicks that have been produced in a more animal-friendly environment and free of antibiotics to answer consumer demands.

The Trillium hatchery located in Stratford will use HatchCare machines to produce 19 million day-old chicks a year. The HatchCare system, the hatcher with light, feed and water, represents a significant step forward for Ontario’s poultry industry. The company will be owned and managed by farmers for farmers, where the return on investment is also measured where it really matters in the barn. According to Mr Booy:” Trillium will provide healthier chicks, produced more humanely and more effectively. Ontario hatching egg and chicken farmers, and Ontario consumers, will be the big winners.”  

Trillium Hatchery has a beautiful new website for more information. Click here. 

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