Impressive first results at the second Al Bayad Hatchery

October 11, 2017

Al Bayad Farm Co. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a successful start with its second hatchery.  The first chicks hatched recently with impressive results: the hatch of fertile is 98%, which is the beginning of a superior hatchery.

The employees at Al Bayad have good experience with HatchTech incubation technology and have seen that HatchTech technology with revolutionary Laminar Airflow produces Superior Chick Quality. Al Bayad has been a partner of HatchTech since 2007, and the start of their second hatchery will increase production to 52 million chicks a year.

Marco Thiessen, Hatchery Coach of HatchTech, was on site for the first hatch to analyse the results. “These superior hatched chickens are thanks to the well-built hatchery. The team at Al Bayad has been trained well and will be supported by HatchTech’s Coaching and Service team so they can continue and improve these impressive field performances and supply superior chicks to their customers.

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