Agro Group Baksanskiy Broiler chooses HatchTech again

March 09, 2018

Our Russian customer Agro Group Baksanskiy Broiler has decided to continue our relationship by implementing a second expansion.
Bakasanskiy Broiler has been a partner of HatchTech since 2010 and using HatchTech technology has resulted in consistent superior broiler chicks.
These consistent results prompted the company to expand the current hatchery with more HatchTech equipment. 
Expansions to the hatchery comprise the new HatchTech MicroClimer Setter 84480 and HatchTech MicroClimer Hatcher 42240, including extra cooling equipment for the hatchery.
The equipment will be installed in the coming months and will increase their capacity by more than 40%. 
Baksanskiy Broiler is proud to realise these developments and expanding the size of the hatchery is a major step for the total production capacity of the Agro Group.  

Agro Group Baksanskiy Broiler was started more than 20 years ago in the foothill regions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Agro Group consists of several production plants; their production is organised according to the closed cycle principle: from high quality breeding eggs to finished products, from field to counter - in harmony with nature!

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