International Hatchery Practice informs on successful introduction of Early Feeding at retailer level

April 05, 2018

A recently published article in the Internationals Hatchery Practice magazine clearly sets aside the reason behind the choice for “early feeding” by REWE GROUP, a leading German retailer. REWE GROUP announced their full commitment to fully implement the “early feeding concept” into their poultry product range.

REWE GROUP has chosen for this strategic decision as they find that early feeding brings large improvements for the birds' health and the overall animals’ welfare. 

The REWE Group is one of the leading retailers in Germany and Europe. In 2016, the company generated a total external turnover of around EUR 54 billion.

REWE Group operates 15.000 stores with 330.000 employees in 19 European countries. In 2016 around 240,000 employee’s generated turnover totalling 39 billion euros in approximately 10,000 stores in Germany. 

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