HatchTech speaker during USPOULTRY’s Hatchery-Breeder Clinic in Nashville

July 05, 2018

Joost ter Heerdt , commercial director of HatchTech, will be speaking at USPOULTRY’s Hatchery-Breeder Clinic on July 11 in Nashville, Tennessee. The subject of his presentation will be ‘early feeding and drinking in incubation’, also known as HatchCare. HatchCare provides early feeding in the hatcher, resulting into stronger, healthier day-old-chicks and it also responds to today’s demand for more animal-friendly production.

The USPOULTRY’s Hatchery-Breedery Clinic is one of the most informative seminars in the industry. It’s an effective way to keep your hatchery and breeder managers up-to-date on the latest technology, equipment, and management techniques. Hatchery and breeder basics are still as important as ever, since they form the foundation of an efficient operation. But this year's seminar, developed by a panel of hatchery-breeder specialists, will not only focus on the basics. It will also highlight cost-saving innovations for running an efficient and effective hatchery operation, such as HatchCare.

The clinic will take place on July 10-11 in Nashville, Tennessee. Danny van Roekel, International Sales Manager for the US, will also be attending. Mr. Ter Heerdt and Mr. Van Roekel will be more than happy to share up-to-date field results and further inform you on HatchTech products.

Seminar agenda and registration:

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