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Chick Quality

A 1 cm gain in chick length at pull can be achieved only
with an optimum incubation process. Longer chicks are
the perfect starting point for superior field results. 

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Maximum hatchery performance thanks to HatchTech Hatchery Coaching

Thanks to HatchTech Hatchery Coaching, the ModernHatch broiler hatchery in Poland achieves consistent and maximum hatchery performances. Read their reaction ......
World Poultry no.6 - 2015

Professionals from the poultry sector on the impact of HatchCare

“Our customers demand this superior chick, particularly those who have already experienced its qualities. They actively ask for these chicks ......
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About us

At HatchTech, we have one aim: to provide our customers with consistent superior chick quality. We do this by creating research-based products for incubation, chick transportation and brooding, and by providing effective customer service in installing, maintaining and using that technology. 

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Internationaal Service Technician (Leertraject)

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Commercieel Medewerker Binnendienst (Doorgroei Internationale Verkoop)

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