Providing Superior
Chick Quality

A 1 cm gain in chick length at pull can be achieved only
with an optimum incubation process. Longer chicks are
the perfect starting point for superior field results. 

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Multiquip HatchTech

Multiquip increases production capacity of superior-quality broiler chicks

Multiquip Hatchery, based in Maldon (Picton) NSW, Australia, is to extend its broiler hatchery with more HatchTech equipment. With the extension, Multiquip’s ......

Impressive HatchCare field results attract attention in North America

Synergy Agri Group is achieving impressive field results since the opening of their hatchery in 2015. The hatchery is equipped with HatchTech MicroClimer ......
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About us

At HatchTech, we have one aim: to provide our customers with consistent superior chick quality. We do this by creating research-based products for incubation, chick transportation and brooding, and by providing effective customer service in installing, maintaining and using that technology. 

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Aankomend International Sales Manager

Commercieel talent met internationale ambities.

International Supervisor

In the supervisor position you will be responsible for the installation of our equipment on site at our customers spread worldwide. 

PhD Study: Embryonic Development

- The interviews for this job have started. -
We are seeking two highly motivated PhD students that are interested in incubation and embryonic development of chickens.